CTC is currently hiring for the Neighborhood Connector positions in South Memphis, North Memphis, and Binghampton. Please send letters of intent and resumes to shay@ctcmidsouth.org.

Neighborhood Connector

The connector is a creative, community-minded and solution-oriented facilitator and organizer. He/she/they helps to identify the aspirations of a community and plan for and implement activities that will enhance the authentic voice of the residents that live there. Bridging resources to communities and connecting institutions to the people, this person serves as a conduit in upholding a neighborhood.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1.Develop a core neighborhood group through cultural programming, Asset-Based Community Development and traditional community organizing tactics.

2.Mobilize neighbors, block associations, and stakeholders around shared interests/concerns.

3.Cultivate the shared values of the community and an authentic community voice.

4.Identify community leaders and connectors. Work alongside them to plan and execute neighborhood-led events.

5.Convene one-on-one meetings with neighbors and organizations.

6.Facilitate monthly neighborhood meetings and its various subcommittees (newsletter, block party, hospitality, entrepreneurship and outreach). Connector should expect to attend at least (3-4) evening meetings per week. Host and plan community events.

7.Archive logs and connections made weekly.

8.Maintain database of contact information of neighbors and stakeholders, including information about interest areas, gifts, assets, and other information gathered via listening sessions and interviews.

9. Use mapping tools to develop block level information and gift/asset inventories.

10. Participate in trainings and/or personal skill development.

Minimum Requirements

  1. At least 18 years of age at the commencement of service

  2. Has a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate

  3. Lives in target geography or can demonstrate a deep connection to the neighborhood

    (such as active volunteer or member of a church in the neighborhood)

Desired Qualities and Skills

Candidates should show:

  1. Demonstrated interest in and compassion for community building, community development, community organizing and culture sharing;

  2. Motivated by the desire to make a difference in the lives of others and a vision of them living at their full potential;

  3. Compassionate and respectful of people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives (cultural, social, economic, and religious);

  4. Good interpersonal and communication skills: able to express ideas clearly, listen with sensitivity, and build trusting relationships;

  5. Demonstrated emotional maturity: able to work under difficult and changing conditions;

  6. Resilient and capable of remaining steadfast and patient in times of emotional stress and resident frustration;

  7. Resourceful and adaptable: able to seek out (research) needed resources and use different approaches/methods, with a willingness to learn;

  8. Analytical, problem-solving skills;

  9. Demonstrated proficiency in basic technologies or Willingness to learn;

  10. Ability to organize or produce small-scale programs and events; and

  11. Ability to give, accept, and respond to feedback in a constructive manner.

  12. Bilingual applicants are a plus.

Necessary Experience(s)

  1. Volunteer or work experience with a community-oriented organization is required.

  2. Small or large group leadership or process facilitation experience is required.

    (Examples of leadership might include student council, block associations, bible

    study group, ESL class, or a Scout Troup.)

  3. Previous participation in community development learning/training is preferred.

Physical Demands

Necessary physical skills are directly related to duties and responsibilities described above. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.



The Neighborhood Connector will report to the Executive Director of Center for Transforming Communities.

Work Conditions

  • The job requires evening and weekends (3-4 commitments per month) in order to attend neighborhood meetings, events or to meet project deadlines.

  • Use of personal vehicle and/or public transportation will be required for the purpose of off-site/neighborhood meetings with stakeholders or partner agencies.



Competitive annual salary with benefits. This is a full time position.


CTC’s Mission:

"CTC cultivates neighborhood democracy. CTC engages, equips, and mobilizes individuals, organizations, and congregations to be agents of holistic transformation in their neighborhoods and communities."

CTC'S Core Values


  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Mutual and reciprocal relationships of trust

  • Participatory, collaborative, collective action

  • Focusing on capacities, assets, and strengths

  • The importance of history, heritage, and local culture

  • Visioning, organizing, action, reflection, change

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