About Us

Center for Transforming Communities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the holistic transformation of neighborhoods and communities in and around Memphis, Tennessee.  We were established in 2009, but trace our history through a number of past organizations, including CONECT, Inc. We are a faith-inspired, ecumenical community development organization. 



"CTC engages, equips, and mobilizes individuals, organizations, and congregations to be agents of holistic transformation in their neighborhoods and communities."


Key Strategies

Center for Transforming Communities is an active participant in the Communities of Shalom movement - embracing the six threads of shalom as guiding principles for our work and the work of our Shalom Zone partners. We also specialize in the practice of Asset-Based Community Development and offer regular training in ABCD to foster the paradigmatic shift away from viewing neighborhoods and communities as deficient or "bad" and towards viewing neighborhoods and communities with an eye for abundance.