Exposure to a World of Assets Around Us - Every Community Member Has Gifts to Offer

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Workshop at the Center for Transforming Communities (CTC). Facilitated by CTC Director, Amy Moritz, the workshop included group discussions, break-out sessions, lunch, and a wonderful tour of the Binghampton neighborhood led by Pastor Billy Vaughan. Individuals from different neighborhoods across the metropolitan area like Highland Heights, Orange Mound, Germantown, and Grand Junction, TN were in attendance. As each participant introduced herself or himself, Amy engaged each of them by asking questions about each neighborhood in the effort to discover the assets contained within. Some illustrate

Springboarding children to go as high as they can go

Their hospitality was refreshing, captivating even. After an unexpected, delightful lunch in their South Memphis home William and Geraldine Downey took the opportunity to share from a colorful lens of history regarding their enduring connection to their beloved neighborhood. Both of them speak fondly of their childhood years in South Memphis and now some fifty plus (50+) years later they find themselves helping to shape the quality of life for children there today. Mr. and Mrs. Downey actively engage in the South Memphis neighborhood through their connection to a local congregation (Christ Quest) and a successful after-school tutoring program (Knowledge Quest). As residents within the Sout

Southeast Memphis: Making It Happen Shalom Zone

Full of energy...full of excitement, Dianne Love takes a few moments to talk about the progressive change happening in her neighborhood. She attributes the growing phenomenon of collaboration to an awareness that shalom is a lifestyle. The partnerships and connections in southeast Memphis are widening with a particular focus to survey the assets existing within the community and maximize the potential therein.

South Memphis embraces the concept of Shalom

Dennis Ross, Sr. pastor of Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church, shares through an experiential lens what it means to evolve alongside a community as it redefines itself. Pastor Ross engages in committed service to his community by connecting his narrative to a community full of promise. He equates the power of South Memphis to that of a shining beacon of hope. Much of his story and the story of South Memphis is inherently tied to a way of believing, living, and existing in the world. Pastor Ross eagerly discusses... the power of Shalom.

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