Partner Directory

CTC shares The Commons with numerous nonprofit and community partners. On this page, learn a little about each of our shared space partners and how they contribute to life at The Commons and the Memphis community as a whole.

Binghampton United Methodist Ministry

Binghampton United Methodist Ministry (BUMM) is the spiritual successor of Everett Memorial United Methodist Church, the church that once occupied the building we call The Commons.   Billy Vaughan, a leader in the congregation, has deep roots in the Binghampton Community as a leader of the McMerton Community Gardens and as a founding board member for CTC. Many members of BUMM serve The Commons in other capacities, including Michael Anderson (pictured left), the coordinator of the Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry and Barbara Vann, our former artist-in-residence. BUMM has been a shared space partner at The Commons since we opened in 2007. They have a worship service on Saturdays at 4:00pm.

Holy Pentecost Church

Holy Pentecost is a congregation of Christian refugees from Burundi, many of whom are  residents of the Binghampton neighborhood. The Commons serves as a space for them to gather for bible study (pictured left) and worship in their native language and traditions. They worship on Sundays at 3:00pm.


Some members of Holy Pentecost work with the Refugee Empowerment Program providing childcare and other services. Holy Pentecost has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2008.

McMerton Gardens

McMerton Gardens is a network of community gardens that serve the Binghampton Neighborhood by providing the neighbors with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, and by providing enrichment experiences for neighborhood youth. Between the six garden locations - including the original location on the parking lot of The Commons, at the corner of McAdoo and Merton streets - the all-volunteer McMerton gardens team cultivates over two acres of otherwise vacant space in the neighborhood. Regular volunteer times at McMerton are Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons.


McMerton Gardens has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2007. 

Memphis Metropolitan Church

Memphis Metropolitan Church (Memphis Metro) exists to serve the Memphis area by sharing the relevant, radical, redemtive message of Jesus Christ. Lead Pastor Matthew Lee has used his skills to produce videos and promotional materials for The Commons - including many of the videos you see on this website.


Memphis Metro worships on Sundays at 11:22am.


Memphis Metro has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2012.

Memphis School of Servant Leadership

The Memphis School of Servant Leadership (MSSL) was established in 1997 to provide free classes and growth opportunities with the goal of "raising up servant leaders for the church and the world." They offer classes at least twice per year on a range of spiritual and social justice topics.


Many, many members of the The Commons community have taken and  taught courses through MSSL.


MSSL has been a shared space partner at The Commons since we opened in 2007.

Moorish Science Temple of America

The Moorish Science Temple of America is a national organization founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali in 1913. At The Commons, the Moorish Science Temple of America Study Group #11 seeks to uplift fallen humanity by implementing the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali - to make their members better citizens through civic engagement and obedience to law.


They meet for prayer and study on Sundays at 10:00am.


The Moorish Science Temple of America has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2014.

Refugee Empowerment Program

The Refugee Empowerment Program (REP) seeks to empower the refugee community in Memphis by encouraging, educating, and equipping individual refugees and refugee families living in the Memphis area. They aspire to be an organization run by refugees, serving refugees.


At The Commons, REP provides English-as-a-second-language and GED prep classes for adults and after school tutoring and mentoring for youth (pictured at left).


REP has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2007.

Transforming Lives Christian Church

Led by Anthony and Chiquita Turner, Transforming Lives Church exists to touch lives constantly (TLC) through prayer, evangelism, and community outreach. They meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 8:00am and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm. 

Transforming Lives Christian Church (TLC) has been a shared space partner at The Commons since 2015.

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