Shalom Zone Network

Center for Transforming Communities has trained and collaborated with a number of Shalom Zones in Memphis and throughout the Memphis region. Currently, there are five Shalom Zones active in the area, seeking shalom through projects that address crime and blight, beautify their neighborhoods, improve resident health and well-being, empower youth and elders, encourage economic development, and address many other community issues. Details about these five Shalom Zones can be found below.


2015 marked the 5th Anniversary of several of the Memphis area Shalom Zones. You can view a video of a special celebration in honor of this milestone by visiting our blog

Binghampton Shalom Zone

The Binghampton Shalom Zone is one of the oldest Shalom Zones in the city. The Binghampton Shalom Zone helped to inspire the establishment of Caritas Village, the McMerton Gardens, and Center for Transforming Communities. Currently, the leaders of the Binghampton Shalom Zone are most involved in working with the network of McMerton Communities gardens -- growing healthy produce for the neighborhood and providing employment and enrichment experiences for the neighborhood's youth. 


The Binghampton Shalom Zone was first established in 1999. 


Watch a video about the Binghampton Shalom Zone by clicking here

Or visit the McMerton Gardens Facebook Page by clicking here. 

Mason Caregivers Shalom Zone

The Mason Caregivers Shalom Zone is active throughout the town of Mason, TN in Tipton County. A coalition of Mason-area churches works together with municipal and county government to tackle issues of education, community health, and economic development.


Their mission is "to create a family-friendly, healthy, nurturing, and safe community for all residents." 


The Mason Caregivers Shalom Zone was established in 2010.


You can view their 5th Anniversary video by clicking here

South Memphis Shalom Zone

The South Memphis Shalom Zone (SMSZ) is led by members of five South Memphis churches - Centenary UMC, Christ Quest Community Church, Evening Star MBC, Greater New Salem MBC, and Greater White Stone MBC. Members of these congregations, together with residents and other neighborhood stakeholders, are "one team with a mission to love God and neighbors, focusing on the needs of individuals, sharing life's challenges and triumphs, working together to improve neighborhood pride with respect and dignity for all." 


Among its many accomplishments, the SMSZ has been instrumental in the establishment of Green Leaf Learning Farm and the South Memphis Community Clothes Closet, and an annual community block festival and BBQ festival. The SMSZ was established in 2010. 


You can view their 5th Anniversary video by clicking here. Or you can visit their Facebook page to learn more. 

The Corners of Highland Heights Shalom Zone

The Corners of Highland Heights Shalom Zone is a collaboration of diverse stakeholders from the Highland Heights community - including members of three local churches, residents, alumni of Treadwell school, and local institutions and businesses. Leaders at The Corners have made education and youth enrichment one of their top priorities through the stewardship of the FirstWorks tutoring and mentoring program.


Other priorities include crime abatement, resident health and well-being, and economic development. 


The Corners was established in 2010. 


You can view their 5th Anniversary video by clicking here.

Us Making It Happen Shalom Zone

The Us Making It Happen Shalom Zone (MIH) is located in an area of Southeast Memphis centered on Capleville United Methodist Church and Ross Road Church of Christ. Their mission is "to bring stakeholders together for the purpose of collaboration and the collection of assets for the restoration and revitalization of our community." 

MIH has focused its energies on youth development - operating a youth enrichment program called Club Hedgerow and a number of programs designed to provide youth with skills and experiences that could lead to employment and a better quality of life. 

MIH was established in 2010.


You can view their 5th Anniversary celebration by clicking here. 

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