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Springboarding children to go as high as they can go

Their hospitality was refreshing, captivating even. After an unexpected, delightful lunch in their South Memphis home William and Geraldine Downey took the opportunity to share from a colorful lens of history regarding their enduring connection to their beloved neighborhood. Both of them speak fondly of their childhood years in South Memphis and now some fifty plus (50+) years later they find themselves helping to shape the quality of life for children there today. Mr. and Mrs. Downey actively engage in the South Memphis neighborhood through their connection to a local congregation (Christ Quest) and a successful after-school tutoring program (Knowledge Quest). As residents within the South Memphis Shalom Zone, they bring their entire selves to creating a community of belonging among neighbors and nurturing the potential and capabilities of each child. Whether it's helping the neighborhood prepare for the next holiday, coaching baseball or simply loving their neighborhood and all of its members, you will find the Downeys filling the gaps with hope through their generosity and selfless service. As part of the interview they discuss assets within their community and the sense of promise on the horizon. This power to courageously forecast inspires them to continue in their service for their neighborhood that has weathered its' fair share of changes.

Our conversation reveals that their stewardship and partnership within the community resonates with principles of shalom. Over time they have emerged as community parents and pillars of stability for hundreds. This way of living...existing in the world produces community in real, tangible ways.

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