We Come: A creative expression of Binghampton United Methodist Church, An original poem by Kory N. T

Sometimes broken, sometimes weary But we come

Binghampton United Methodist Church

Sharing the value of the human experience We come We come bringing our gifts with prayers we lift Our hearts to one another Laying aside our titles, moving beyond our age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, We come. We are brothers and sisters in Christ Striving together to do God’s will We come Breaking through the darkness Acknowledging the light that’s deep within each of us

Binghampton United Methodist Church

We come With hearts full of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing We come and we gather at the table For a love feast that binds us Together as one We come So that ALL Might be able to come Binghampton United Methodist Church is one of the partners housed at The Commons of Merton.

They worship every Saturday at 4:30pm at 258 N. Merton followed by a community dinner.


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