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Meet a Neighborhood Change-Maker: Dianne Love

Editors Note: Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) is grounded in the belief that every Memphis neighborhood includes people who have dreams for their neighborhood and who are willing to invest themselves in those dreams. Throughout 2018 we will profile some of these change-makers so you can get a glimpse of the incredible people CTC works alongside.

Since attending one of Center for Transforming Communities' Communities of Shalom trainings in 2010, Dianne has been one of the longest serving community leaders and change agents in Southeast Memphis. As an actively engaged and committed resident, Dianne wears many hats.

Dianne is a mother, a caretaker, minister, civil rights advocate, community organizer, youth mentor and a champion for the oppressed and marginalized.

Dianne works hard to see residents, nonprofits, churches, and businesses get connected and stay connected in Southeast Memphis.

Born a natural leader and greatly inspired by her grandmother’s work as a community activist, Dianne always works for the good of the neighborhood and helps residents to activate their own civic responsibility. ​​

Dianne and Shalom Zone Volunteers

With a real passion for education and youth enrichment, Dianne leads Club Hedgerow,

the longest running inter-generational

youth-enrichment program among all CTC’s

Shalom Zones.​​

Along with the other members of her Shalom Zone team, Dianne is making big impacts. Through her leadership, 200 youth have been mentored at Club Hedgerow; 120 volunteers have been engaged in Shalom Zone work, and over 400 neighbors are connected with aspirations to make Southeast Memphis even stronger.

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