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Meet a Neighborhood Change-Maker: Jhon Gaytan

Editors Note: Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) is grounded in the belief that every Memphis neighborhood includes people who have dreams for their neighborhood and who are willing to invest themselves in those dreams. Throughout 2018 we will profile some of these change-makers so you can get a glimpse of the incredible people CTC works alongside.

Jhon connected with Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) originally as a translator for the Binghampton Shalom Zone, where English-speaking and Spanish-speaking neighbors often work together.

Jhon also became engaged in his own neighborhood, North Memphis, where he is working with his neighbors to start a community garden.

He is also passionate about advocating for the rights of immigrants in his community. Jhon discusses his youth perspective on this issue - and others - on his online radio show.

Jhon is working with his neighbors to develop a common vision for the future of their neighborhood. CTC will continue to support them as they work to turn that vision into reality.

Since 2009, Center for Transforming Communities has trained, equipped, and mobilized over 1,200 people like Jhon to be agents of the change they wish to see in their neighborhoods.

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