The Myth of Normalcy - by Brooke Sarden

During this time, we all have wondered about when things will return to "normal". Check out this piece written by CTC staff'er, Brooke Sarden, our Youth and Cultural Programs Director in conjunction with Civic Saturdays. Click here to check out the full broadcast. Stay well. Stay safe.

The Myth of Normalcy

May we never forget the questions raised in

the relative quiet:

What is essential? What is not?

Who is essential and who is not?

How dare we ask that question?

How dare we ignore that question?

Who are we to judge?

Who better to judge than us?

May our newfound sense of “us-we”

become cellular memory.

May the not-so-peculiar loneliness haunt


Remind us of what’s changed

Or remained woefully, unbearably same

Since before the incident.

Viral outbreak. Type: pandemic

As our gazes search the horizon for relief

Remember that we are still in it.

This moment now needs our attention

If we rush there will be leave behinds

We’ve been there, done that

This world.

I keep wondering if COVID’S the only thing

we’re sick with.

On lockdown, my friends and neighbors

went straight to swapping homemade pies

Like it was something else they were trying

to cure:

All this distance between us?

Flour, butter, sugar, space and time we’ve

forgotten to share.

On lockdown, some of our students went

straight to being hungry.

And quick came the “rules” on what we

could do about that… and for a while the

rules sounded like “no.”

Civilization can be mean.

White coats say for most of us the disease,

it’s a-symptomatic.

But fever is not the only thing that has us


What’s the temperature where you are?

Is it like this where you are?

We talk-talk-talk quarantine-talk

We walk-talk

We sing pray

Our tongues are dripping with aftermath.